Thursday, October 27, 2016

October Almost GONE?

I have so much to tell you. The summer was so busy and so was my fall. I looked at my oldest fiber photos that I forgot to share. Much earlier this year my Surface design group did some wool dying at my house and lead by me. I chose to mostly work on getting some of these silk roving dyed so I could use them in my felting. The blackish roving was yellow but there was some rust in the jar and it went a cool black colour. I am sure I can never do that again. 

I did each colour in a jar on the stove. I used the fast acid dyes that need the steaming heat. 

Outside drying is some of our wool and silk wool fabrics. 

It is out of focus by, here is a scarf Yvonne did, I think it also had rayon in it too. 

Look at this great green and turquoise strip.  

I had kind of a bad summer with my horse. Jester the Dark paint in behind has hurt himself and it was not looking good. Well I can keep him but he might not be sound enough to ride. He is finally off the medications but still has some selling. This fall I when shopping and bought Ace the new horse in front of the photo. He is so much smaller. We are still working out some ruff spots and learning about each other. So far he is very quiet and good on the trails we did last weekend. 

I will try to get caught up in the next few days. I need to copy more photos off my phone and camera. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Mid Summer Update

The summer is just half over and I thought I should show you what I have been working on. I have not finished anything for a few weeks but I have slowly worked on quilts and knitting socks. I have most of one sock done, Maybe I can get the toe finished tonight and then be ready to start the second sock. Pretty sock yarn colours!

Next I have been working on a bit of patchwork. Here is my very scrappy Pineapple Log Cabins. I started these maybe 2 years ago ( at least 1 1/2 years ago). I can say I am more then half done enough blocks for a big bed quilt. I will keep going. I do these in set of 20 to 30 blocks. I think after this set is done I still need another 50 or more blocks. 

I have the old singer set up in the living room again and can watch TV up stairs with the family and the dog. I hope to watch some Olympics and sew on my Pineapple blocks.   

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Felted Hat Class

The last three days I have been in a felted hat class with the beautiful and talented Andrea Graham. I really liked her class. She showed us each step so well and the finishing was so nicely done.  

First day I made my template, yes it is very large. This ended up not being the final template I added a brim to the hat after this. I forgot to get any photos on the second day so I missed my layout shot. 

This is kind of a start of the finish. I struggled with this. I was not really liking how it was going. 

I put holes in the dark purple but the pink was not showing very well. Now what? 3 days of work. 

So I ended up rolling the brim. OK now it is getting better. I still had not done anything with the spikes. They look a little crazy still here. 

This was a little sample Andrea did to show us some other options for the embellishing our hats or if we make a bag later. 

The group shot of the hats. So many nice ones. 

Last night I wet down my 3 spikes and clammed them to hold a spiral shape at the end. The hat is mostly dry now. 

Sorry of the bad selfy shots but I wanted to get some photos posted. My hat is done and ready for winter. 

Tonight at 7 pm Andrea is speaking at the Royal Alberta Museum RAM and I am planning on going. We are to bring our hats to the lecture.  

Monday, July 4, 2016

Soft Hexagons

I have done a few hexagons with my lighter coloured Kaffe Fassett Collection fabrics. 

#8 Marina, With a rose center 

#35 Sharon, it is not cut as well as some of my others. 

#50 Joanne 
This is the first one of this block I have done. It needed 3 diamonds and 3 plus center hexagons. 

#11 Susan

#32 Marilyn, I love the soften for the foxgloves. 

I have added this post to Design Wall Monday at Judy's blog

Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy Canada Day

Finished all 3 quilts!

My mom and I have been working on 3 quilts to give to Fort Mac people who have lot their homes to the wild fires in early May. I can not imagine what they have been through. First running from the flames not know what will happen to their homes or jobs.  I can only hope these quilts can give them a big HUG. 

This quilt was mostly blocks I received from 2 internet swaps that used the Kaffe Fassett collection of fabric. I also made a block for myself with the same pattern I used and sent out to others. I thought this was a very good use for the blocks. So back in May I had a stack of homeless blocks. Now a quilt. 

I started this quilt the weekend the Leduc quilt guild had a big sewing bee for Fort Mac. I used lots of fabric off the donation table. Then I added some of my Hawaii fabric too.  It has turned out very cute. 

I did the machine quilting for all three and my mom did the binding and labels for all three. We make a good team. 

This quilt was mostly pieced by my Mom. I had a stack of 16 patches and 4 patches left from a old project. There was enough blocks still to make another quilt. It is the 3rd one like this. It is beautiful and soft. 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Feathers into Hexagons

More 3" hexagons done and ready to show off. I have used the KFC Feather fabric and stacked 6 repeats and then cut out the feather fabric. 
All the patterns for these block come from The New Hexagon Book

#11 Susan

#35 Sharon, I love the green apple spots

#3 Sarah
 This block has so much movement. The green mini triangle and the center hexagon are some of my hand dyed fabric. 

#10 Kelly

#35 Sharon  I love the woven strips with this block. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Pansy Hexagons

I am still working on my New Hexagons. All the patterns for these 3" hexagons are in The New Hexagon Book. All 6 of these blocks were made by stacking 6 repeats of the fabric and then cutting out the units I needed. I love doing this. 

# 9 Doris block

#11 Susan

#11 Susan

#13 Judy, I think the petals look like little bugs or fairies dancing. 

#13 Judy

#14 Willa it is the first of the Willa blocks I have done. Look at how tiny the little triangles are.

Here is the orange pansy fabric together with the hexagons. I will have to do some more soon. 

I have added this to design wall Monday