Saturday, August 12, 2017

Agility Nationals

I have not been quilting much, too busy with agility. Last weekend Gemma and I were at the AAC National Agility Championships in Langley BC at Thunderbird Show Park. It was the first time I have qualified so I thought we better go.  My Husband and one son came with me. 

My Son took the photos of me and also videoed 5 out of 6 runs for us too. We did well on Saturday with 201 points but on Sunday my brain did not do well. The first course of the day I walked my course incorrect once out of about 12 walks and then on the real run I forgot for .5 of a second and my Gemma took an extra jump. It kind of went down hill from there. I guess my Gamble at the end was OK. We were in the toughest group possible, some 80 plus dogs. Were a 10th of a second decides the placement and if I had been clean I might have placed 24th or so. I am not too fast but my dog can be. 

We did have lots of fun. We saw lots of fast dogs and some great moves and skills they had. 

Gemma is on the left and her relative, Mystic is on the right. It was the first time for both girls. 

The grounds and the flowers were so pretty at Thunderbird. I love these colours. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Last Blue Saturday

Well we are coming to the end of the blue scraps for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I worked on my blocks for the latest Leaders and Enders challenge issued Bonnie Hunter. I got 28 more blocks done and they are more of a turquoise blue not royal blue. The little Black and White square are great for L/E but not so much the strips. I want to shade them, from light to dark. I sewed a few other things and it is great to have the little bits for L/E around. 

I put them all on the wall together. I like to put the whole months worth of blocks up on the wall at the end of the month. This month these blocks just about fills the wall. I just would not have room to put them all up. I love how 3D this is looking. 

I have posted to Soscrappy. Go and see what others are making with their blue scraps. 

Here again is the left and right block. I am using a few different white light fabrics. I have also used up and cut so many different brands of black scraps. I might have to go look for a few more scraps. I know I have some long strips left from the quilt backing, I am sure there are more to be found. 

While I am off to another Agility trial today with the dog. We are having so much fun. Next week we leave for Nationals. I am getting pretty excited to be going to complete in Nationals. I might not be getting much personal sewing done in the next 2 weeks. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Slab Quilts Finished

I got the last of the charity quilts done for The Great Canadian Quilt Bee and Ronald McDonald House. I started working on blocks back in January and ended up deciding to make 3 quilts to give away and one for me to keep. I got all 3 charity quilts done. This is the last one.  The quilt for me is close to being done too. 

Here are all three on the fence together. I made the 4 by 6 block size, so the larger size they were looking for. I used Cheryl Arkison's slab blocks as the pattern, Then I also have at least one Canadian fabric in each block. Sometimes there is a extra maple leave fabric too. I had some black, red and teal maple leave fabric to add in. 

Gemma my Lab got to get into the photo too. Yes the sun was crazy bright and hot. 

You can see some of the cute fabrics that got added into this quilt. I did some fuzzy cutting to get the animals just right. 

Here are the 3 quilts

The labels that I made for the backside. 

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Blue Mini Nine Patches

I got a new crop of mini nine patches done, BLUE. I need half the blocks to be a colour around and half need to be white on the out edge. I want the blues used in this quilt to be a little bit on the light or turquoise side and not too dark. These blocks finish to 3 1/2", so yes they are small. 

Here is 59 blocks done. I think this is now half all of the blocks done. I think I had about 60 done before I did blue. 

More little mini nine center parts. 

I picked Saskatoons today and added Rhubarb to make a fruit pudding.  We are about to dig in and eat some. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Great Blue Scraps

I got started on Bonnie Hunter's next Leader's and Ender's challenge. I am making 6" blocks that have these great checkerboard black and white units. She had a baby quilt some time ago and I loved the Black and White checker board she used. I did not start that quilt but when I saw this rail fence  Opps I started it. Another quilt started. 

There is kind of a right and a left block. See how the white is the top right or top left side. 

I love how they all look together. So much fun!

I made more Honey Comb blocks, these are the dark blue to navy blocks. I have a lot of dark blue scraps. 

Here is 3 Turquoise blocks. 

I have used mostly the 1 1/2" strips. Can you see the Hawaii surf board fabric? 

There is Spider-man fabric and Equestrian fabrics. 

I also just got started on my Blue mini nine patches. Yes they are crazy small. Maybe by next week I will have some blocks done and on the wall. 

The design wall is nice and full of blue. The four on the bottom are from last week. I have so much done for Blue Honey Comb blocks. 

The big rainbow quilt is still being worked on. I do not have the boarders done yet. I have a far bit of work still to do on the top. I am going to use the rainbow strip set to make the boarder. Maybe by next weekend, at least I am getting closer to being done. 

I have added my post to Soscrappy. Check out all the other great Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects that are underway. 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rainbow Saturday

I worked very hard on my blue scraps this past week. I can hardly believe this is all I can show you so far for Blue. It took so long to sort and trim all kinds of blue. I had lots of blue, I got carried away and make 4 Bright blue blocks, I still have the darker almost navy colours to do. I also will have the turquoise blues for honey comb blocks because I did not start this till late March. 

My design wall has been busy so I laid these out on the ironing board first before I sewed the blocks. 

Lots of pretty blue, Some are so old. I made my son a pair of pants when he was 2 out of the blue checkered fabric. He is in 3rd year University now. 

Also this week, I worked very hard on this older Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt. I looked back and the brown top left block was the first one I did back in Nov 2011
Maybe rainbow nine patches as sashing?  or a rainbow fabric? 

I tried out a few different sashing options. I had planned an olive green but it was dead looking, so dead I did not ever take a photo. Trust me it was not good. Also I tried the triangles on the boarder, no not right either, added to much different stuff. 

Maybe Black and White sashing? Oh I kind of like the boarder, I will to make new fabric and lots of it. 

Ok, I think this is what I will do. I have lots to do now. I need to make a few more strip sets of colour to make the boarder. I think I will also leave that first Brown block as the top corner, as it was the first block. I have 25 blocks so this quilt will be 5 by 5 and I think around 76" before the boarders are on. 

I have added this post to Soscrappy
I am away at another dog agility trial this weekend. The club I have joined is hosting a trial and I have a job to do as well as run my dog. We are in a heat wave, so stay cool. 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy Canada Day

Happy Birthday Canada 150!

We have come to the end of June and Yellow. I got a little more done in yellow this week. I love to see all the blocks up and once. I think I forgot 2 but it is most of the yellow I did. 

Some scraps were sitting on the table and needed to be something, so 6" crumb blocks.

I also got the triangle strings done this week. 

Now on to Blue, so pretty Blue. I am sure I have lots to work on. I have linked up with Soscrappy, our leader in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

What next?


I am working on my UFO list. I have gotten lots done this year. But I think I might have to really work harder. The Leduc quilt show is coming up. The Black Gold Quilt Patch Quilt show really. I have a goal to have 10 quilted things in the show. Only 2 are done so far. The Quilt show is not judged but I want my best at the show as well as a few quick quilts too. 

KFC Follow Me, so far is just a quilt top. So much work left to do.

I made a list of what I might get done. I have added in a few and taken a few out over the last few months. 

What can I get done in time of Leduc show?
1.       Hawaii quilt – quilt
2.       Misty day – binding label sleeve
3.       Tree skirt – quilt
4.       Bad to the bone - quilt
5.       Slab quilt for me - quilt
6.       KFC follow me - quilt
7.       Cherry table topper – boarder + quilt
8.       Forest Friends – moths + build top + quilt
9.       Eye quilt – all plan a baby quilt
10.   Large Rainbow quilt – build top + quilt
11.   Slab quilt for charity – top building + quilt

I have this slab quilt top done but still needs to be quilted. I also have one more to finish for charity too. Did you see many quilts need the quilting done? So much quilting. 

Well off to the sweat shop! 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Agility Weekend

I had a big weekend of agility. My black lab and I competed in the Alberta/NWT Regional Dog Agility Championships. Well we had a great weekend. She was so good and we both did so well. I was blown away as to how good. We got a 2nd place and a 10th in classes of 56 dogs. We had some great rounds. We got to a steeplechase final which is a speed class. I never thought we could do so well. 

We also qualified to go to National Championships! I have booked to go now. 

Sorry no quilting, next time I promise. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Yellow Saturday Scraps

I have nine yellow 6" sampler blocks done. I think at least 2 blocks were done before this month but not sure I ever got photos, so I am showing all 9 blocks today. 

A couple of the yellow ones I got the pattern from the Canada 150 quilt by Next Step Designs. Mom and I are working the the Canada 150 quilt blocks together.  I am making the odd number of blocks and my mom is making the even number of blocks. It will be another mother daughter quilt. I got some of my red and white ones done this week too. Fun to make the 2 different colours sets. 

Earlier in the month I showed some strip sets getting worked on. This is them now. These blocks are the Honey Comb Quilt. The link takes you to the pattern. I have 3 red and 3 green done too. 

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My dog, Gemma and I are in the Alberta Regional Agility Championships this weekend. Day 1 was wow so good! We had 3 real good rounds and are having so much fun. I might not get my comments answered till Monday as we are doing more agility this weekend. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Selvage Post Cards

The Edmonton and District Quilter's Guild is having the year end banquet tonight. They will be a Fund raiser for the University of Alberta Endowment fund that the guild set up many years ago. I have made this set of 3 post cards to donate to the fund. Mom and I spent a day last week making a set each. 
They are so cute it is hard to let them go. Maybe I should make more. I used Selvages as the background and then fussy cut the maple out of fabric. Land, sky and sea. 

I have added this post to Sew Fresh Quilt, and Let's Bee Social #182.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Grandmother's Garden Hexagons

For a couple of years now I have been slowly working on my pink Hexagon quilt. I am using 
Kona Bubble Gum pink as my background fabric. I had kind of stopped working on it and now and then I would dig it out but not get much done. Well the other day I figured out why?

I ran out of Pink Bubble Gum hexagons. I needed to find more of the pink fabric. I did not have enough pink hexagons to do the edges so I was struck. I did not want to start putting together the long row with out more on the ends. So it was a Design Day.

So at one end this is all I had figured out. But I know this was not how the edge would be. 

So after preparing more pink hexagons I could lay out this as an end. I think this is how the end of the rows will look. Or maybe one more row? At least I can do more now. I still need more pink hexagons. 

 And the other end of the rows. I have so much more to do and so many more hexagons to prepare. So I am not yet sewing the rows together but I am back at getting some work on it again.

I have added this post to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching.

Here is a photo form 2014, when I was think about what fabric to use for leaves. I had planned to use many different greens. But I did not like it. So I picked out this one lime green hanging on the back. You can see a few other greens to the right side. It was too busy. 
Yes all the fabric is Kaffe Fassett collection except for the bubble gum pink Kona. Well off to do more pink. 

Happy Father's Day